Editing services

My editing services include:


Ensures the material is correct and consistent in its treatment of:

Layout proofing

Ensures design styles are retained during the design stage. Just a few of the possible problems include:

Permissions editing

A manuscript containing material from outside sources may require permission to use the material.

Note: Permissions can sometimes take up to three months to obtain.


Ensures the final copy is error-free before it goes to print. This involves proofing for grammatical errors and punctuation and spelling mistakes. This could be checking a proof against a copy to detect errors that have been made in typesetting and design or proofing the final copy before going to print.

Note: I always ask for a sample from the middle of the manuscript when quoting, so I can advise whether the manuscript is in need of proofreading or a more thorough copyedit.

Reference and fact checking

This is often overlooked, especially when multiple authors are involved. It involves checking accuracy of facts and quotes by reference to original sources used by the author or to other reference sources.

Note: For ethical reasons, I do not provide this service to students.

Structural editing

Sometimes a manuscript requires more than a copyedit. This may include: